New Resident Information

Welcome to the City of El Lago
Bounded on 2 sides by lakes, the city is aptly named El Lago, the city of "the lake." The City of El Lago was incorporated in 1961 and is administered by an elected Mayor and council. With a population of 3,075 (2000 Census), the community consists of some 900 single family residences in the subdivisions of El Lago, El Lago Estates and Taylorcrest.

The city also has 1 elementary school, 42 businesses, 4 condominium complexes and 2 apartment complexes along NASA Road 1, a City Hall, Fire and Police Stations, Masonic Lodge and a church - all in an area approximately 1 square mile. View demographic and city profile information.

Utility Providers
View a list of utility providers.

Emergency Services
In an emergency, please call 911 for police, fire and ambulance. Please reserve 911 for true emergencies, so as not to tie up the line or create unnecessary danger with high speed responses.

Postal Address
The citizens of the cities of El Lago and Taylor Lake Village receive their mail through the U.S. Post Office located at 1600 Second Street in Seabrook. Although your mail may have a postmark from the Seabrook Post Office, your correct mailing address is El Lago, Texas 77586.

Boat Reserves
Three private recreational / boat launch facilities are maintained by the homeowners associations. Contact your representative for keys and rules.

Baby Sitting Co-op
There is a community co-op for parents to earn and exchange sitter services. Contact Peta Dudley at 281-326-1340 for more information.

This information cannot tell you all you need to know as a resident. No attempt has been made to list nearby businesses, services, churches or other community organizations. The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce (281-466-7676) may be able to help on that. Once you've settled in, hopefully neighbors, friends and coworkers will help to make you aware of what's available and how you can best pursue your specific interests. Again, welcome to El Lago. We hope this guide will be helpful to you as you get settled in your new home.