Proud Landscape Contest Winners

By: El Lago Parks Board

You planned, you purchased and you planted. Now you're waiting to hear which El Lago addresses displayed the most impressive fall landscapes. Many residents put much effort into improving their home's curb appeal, and they all did an outstanding job. Knowing your lives are extremely busy, the El Lago Proud Committee wishes to thank each of you for doing your part to help to make our city one of the most attractive and welcoming in the area. Congratulations to all who made the effort - thank you for showing your pride in our city.

The winning addresses of the landscape competition for fall of 2016 are:

El Lago Section Three

  • Winner: 415 Cedar Ln. - Bruce Asher

  • Runner-up: 426 Terrace Dr. - Kurtis and Ruth Wagner

El Lago Section Four

  • Winner: 815 Woodland Dr. - Judy Ernull

  • Runner up: 326 Shadow Creek Dr. - Bradley and Lisa Ashton

El Lago Estates

  • Winner: 1307 Creek Hollow Dr. - Michael and Sharon Massey

  • Runner-up: 538 Bayview Dr. - Anthony and Joyce Pavlicek


  • Winner: 1610 Fair Oaks St. - Charles and Sharon Hutchins

  • Runner-up:: 1614 W. Chelsea Pl. - Eric Hill

As in the past, in order to be completely fair the judges were not El Lago residents, and again it has been noted that as they drove through the neighborhood some addresses were not clearly visible. If you had an outstanding landscape, but not a clearly discernible address, your efforts were unfortunately disregarded. While the winning landscapes are still at their best, go by and take a look - you may get some ideas for your own landscape.

First Place Winners are not eligible to win again for two years. Time flies - It's not too early to start planning - your neighbors are!