Your Government

  1. Agendas & Minutes

    View the City Council's and other boards' and commissions' agendas and minutes.

  2. Budgets

    Access the city's budgets.

  3. Calendar

    Check out the city's calendar to attend events and meetings.

  4. City Boards & Commissions

    Serve your community by being a volunteer board or commission member.

  5. City Council

    Meet City Council members, view meeting information, and read agendas and minutes.

  6. City Ordinances

    The City of El Lago maintains a list of ordinances that can be accessed and examined on the web, and it is updated annually.

  7. Conflict of Interest Questionnaires

    Vendors doing business with a governmental entity are required by state law to submit a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire.

  8. Contact Us

    Find contact information for city departments and staff.

  9. Debt Report

    Debt Report

  10. Departments

    Learn about the city's departments and the services the staff provide.

  11. Election Information

    City elections are held the1st Saturday in May of each year.

  12. Open Records Policy

    Texas law gives you the right to access government records and government officials may not ask why you want them.

  13. Public Hearing Notices

    Browse the city's public hearing notices.

  14. Tax Rates

    Obtain the city's tax rate notices.