El Lago Estates Civic Corps

The El Lago Estates Civic Corps is an HOA that serves homes that are generally located between McNair park and the neighborhood of Taylorcrest.  The following residents have been elected as Officers of the Corporation, feel free to contact them if you have questions or concerns.

President: Linton Arbaugh - 281-326-1368; l.arbaugh1@verizon.net

Treasurer:  Bob Kosar - 281-326-5853; bobkosar@homemail.com

Accounts Manager: Maggie Asher 832-818-1861; maggieasher@gmail.com
House sale or dues inquiries, Park inquiries and key requests
Former Secretary: Ken Paschall - 713-409-9828; paschalini@comcast.net

All other inquiries should be directed to Linton Arbaugh, President.

El Lago Estates - Deed Restrictions