City of El Lago

411 Tallowood Drive
El Lago, TX 77586

Phone: 281-326-1951

Tennis Courts

Location: 411 Tallowood Dr., El Lago, TX 77586

Have you caught sight of El Lago’s new tennis pro? His name is Chris Hoffman and he can be seen on the courts most every afternoon and/or evening. If you have an interest in a league or would like to schedule a lesson, please give Chris a call at 832-741-6438. For more information on current camp schedules and summer camp schedules visit:

Please remember tennis memberships expire on December 31 every year.

Tennis Court Rules

  • Court hours 6 A.M. to 10 P.M.
  • The tennis courts are for the exclusive use of members.
  • The tennis courts are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • People waiting to play must remain outside of the fence.
  • Tennis courts are for tennis or pickleball only!
  • No skateboards, bicycles, skates, or pets are allowed on the tennis courts.
  • Persons entering the tennis court area must wear tennis/court, non-marking, shoes.
  • Gates must remain closed / locked when leaving the tennis courts.
  • No food allowed on the tennis courts. All drinks must be in plastic containers. Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Please turn the lights off when leaving the tennis courts.
  • All members must have a key and enter and exit through the gate only. If you forget your key do not climb the fence. It is a violation of the rules.
  • The city has the right to suspend or revoke the privileges of anyone violating the tennis court rules and the right to fine anyone caught vandalizing the tennis court area.
  • The city assumes no responsibility for accident, injury or loss ofpersonal property.

Your cooperation in keeping the tennis courts clean is greatly appreciated. This is our community, please act conscientiously and neighborly!

Report suspicious activity to the Lakeview Police: 281-326-5900 or 911 for emergency.