City of El Lago

411 Tallowood Drive
El Lago, TX 77586

Phone: 281-326-1951

Hurricane Evacuation Information

Recently, new developments have taken place that should influence your thinking when putting your emergency plans together.

Resident Exceptions From City Officials

What residents can expect to hear from El Lago city officials concerning necessary actions to be taken due to impending severe storm impact on our city:

  • First, “storm in the gulf” notices will be posted on the city website and at City Hall, once a storm enters the gulf.
  • Next, if conditions change and storm-damaging circumstances seem likely to hit El Lago, a “voluntary evacuation notice” will go out. This should be the time to evacuate. The goal is to give residents time to be ahead of those evacuating from areas south of El Lago.
    • Notification will be posted on the city website, at City Hall and will be broadcast through local TV and radio. KTRH is El Lago’s chosen station.
    • Residents will be notified with a phone call through the Network Early Notification System (NEWS or referred to as Reverse 911.) Residents who do not have a landline may register (at City Hall) 2 cellular phone numbers that will be added to the emergency notification list. To register cell numbers, go to City Hall or for more information call the City Secretary at 281-326-1951, ext. 111.
  • Finally, “mandatory evacuation orders” will go out, simultaneously with other area governmental entities. Enforcement of the Traffic and Shelter Management Plans will then be set in motion.