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Lakeview Police Department Enhances Active Shooter Response Capabilities through Rotary Club of Seabrook’s Generous Donation

May 15, 2024 | News

El Lago, TX – The Rotary Club of Seabrook has generously donated over $8000 to the Seabrook Police Department to procure active shooter supplies with planned requirements to utilize this equipment across the Lakeview Police Department serving El Lago and Taylor Lake Village. These supplies are essential to the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program. Thanks to this generous contribution, these departments are now equipped with this essential equipment, enhancing their capacity to respond effectively to potential active shooter scenarios.

Chief Rolf Nelson and Lieutenant Bryan Brand of the Seabrook Police Department demonstrated the efficacy of the newly acquired simulation guns to the Rotarians. These simulation guns are integral tools used to train officers in physical simulation training scenarios, which commonly take place in public facilities and schools.

The donation has been instrumental in enabling the Lakeview and Seabrook Police Departments to advance their training protocols and skills further. With these new supplies, the officers can respond efficiently and strategically in case of an active shooter incident. “This equipment allows us to continue increasing our ability to respond and protect our communities, schools, and our own officers in a Rapid Response event.” states Chief Carl Nunn of the Lakeview Police Department.

The department plans to spearhead a united front by partnering with area agencies responding to regional calls, thus building a unified team approach to training and command structures. This initiative intends to construct a standard response system using common training and equipment to maximize effectiveness.

This specialized equipment is anticipated to enhance the effectiveness of both Lakeview and Seabrook Department officers. The overarching aim is to equip officers to safely respond to such incidents and deal with threats uniformly and expertly.