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El Lago City Hall Closed

El Lago City Hall will be closed on Monday, May 27th, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, May 28th, at 9:00 a.m.

Lakeview Police Department Blood Drive

Employment Opportunity – Part Time Front Desk Clerk

Part Time Front Desk Clerk

City of El Lago, Texas / up to $18.00 per hour


Greets, assists, and directs residents through email, phone, and in person; providing general City information to the public. Assists building officials through the building permitting process while regularly updating status of permits. Fully processes community center memberships and rentals. Supports the City Secretary with processing City bills, deposits, City elections, City records, and any additional duties as assigned. Work hours are 20 hours per week Wednesday through Friday.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Ability to be friendly, welcoming, and patient while performing customer service.

Quickly learn new skills and tasks that require attention to detail.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, etc.).

Experience working with records management.

Ability to effectively communicate with residents, City staff, and the public.

Ability to multitask and stay organized through multiple interruptions.

Ability to learn new software programs.

Ability to maintain a valid Texas Driver License and a good driving record.


Reports to City Secretary, who works under direction of the Mayor and City Council.

Must be friendly, organized, and thorough.

Must have great phone etiquette and maintain professionalism in difficult situations.

Minimal travel

Physical requirements and work environment:

Work is performed inside and/or outside an office. Capable of working closely with others or alone. Ability to operate a motor vehicle and office equipment; Work requires light to moderate carrying (under 15 pounds up to 44 pounds), light to occasional lifting (under 24 pounds up to 50 pounds), straight pulling, simple grasping, repeated bending, sitting, standing, pushing, crouching, climbing stairs, walking, and reaching above shoulders.

Preferred Qualifications:

Familiar with QuickBooks accounting software

Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite

Valid Licenses and Certifications:

Valid Texas Driver License*

*If applicant holds an out-of-state license, a State of Texas Driver License must be obtained prior to
employment. Must have an acceptable driving record.

Applicants will be subject to a background check, which will take place before the interview process.

Please send resumes to:

Employment Opportunity – City Secretary

Job Description and Responsibilities:

General Administration: Supervising: City Hall staff, Maintenance department, Lifeguards, and Municipal Court staff; Required training; Aid residents, Building permits, Website updates; Code violations; Facility Rentals; Facility Memberships and Contract Administration; Tax Collection;

Human Resources: Hiring, Supervising and training full and part-time staff, Payroll processing, benefit enrollment and Retirement Plan coordination; Quarterly reporting for Payroll Tax reporting and Texas Workforce Commission;

Budget/Financial: Manage city finances, including, budget, income, expenses, financial reporting and training, retirement plan, bank funds and reconciliations, facilitate mid-year and annual audits, budget & tax rate adoption; Invoicing and billing of annual permits and licenses including wrecker services, pet licensing; liquor permits as well as business registrations; Submit court reports and payments to the state;

Records Management: Comply with Texas State Library Records Retention schedule for permanent and destructible records;

Communication & Correspondence: Utilize email, social media and Finalsite Connect software for notices, robo calling, texting and e-mailing citizens of El Lago; Publish required notices in the newspaper;

Meetings: City Ordinances, Resolutions, Proclamations and other City Council agenda packet items, Minutes of meetings, facilitate meetings for Board of Adjustments, Building Standards and Planning and Zoning;

Legal: Public Information Act requests, ensure legal requirements are met, Coordinate with the City Attorney on necessary issues, Codify City Council adopted Ordinances;

Events: Plan, Organize and Attend City events;

Annual General Election: Locate election judges, create election packets; train and oversee the election, Act as Early Voting Set up voting equipment, have voting software programmed, create and order ballots, ensure all supplies for the election, Organize Early Voting Ballot Board; Ensure election canvass, Statements and Oaths are filed along with new Council member required training.

The successful candidate should be a self-starter, be computer and equipment savvy, be able to work in a fastpaced environment and have the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

The City of El Lago utilizes several software packages to aid in financials (QuickBooks), Building permits (iWorq); Code violations (iWorq) and Memberships (WinDSX). Must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite of products.

This position is an exempt full-time and benefits eligible. City Hall hours are Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 5:30 and Friday 8:30 – 12:30. Monthly meeting attendance is required, typically on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7:00pm. Some weekends are required for events.

Please e-mail your resumes to

Trowels & Tribulations in a Suburban Garden – May Issue

Trowels & Tribulations in a Suburban Garden – May Issue

By: Donna J. Ward, Certified Texas Master Gardener (Note: This is a reprint of Donna’s article that appears in the La Ventana del Lago.)

Gardeners attempting to follow the timelines set out in this column are aware that this publication is not distributed in conjunction with those timelines.  Trowels & Tribulations is timely published on the El Lago city web site ( on the first day of each month of publication.  “Our Community” will lead you to “Gardening in El Lago.”

Hey El Lago, you’re looking good.  Color, color everywhere – blossoms of every imaginable hue visited by orange and black honeybees, colorful migrating songbirds, butterflies, green, yellow and black Monarch larvae, and of course those flying jewels – hummers.  It must be May.   But not all of our landscape is looking great.  Last summer’s drought, our watering regulations, sizzling temperatures followed by back-to-back frosty winters have taken their toll.  Like me, you’re seeing dead shrubbery and trees up and down our streets.  We’ve waited long enough to be sure these plantings are really among the many dearly departed specimens in our neighborhood.  If you have scratched or scraped away some bark on that shrub and there is no green to be seen it’s obituary time!  Aside from the fact that they look terrible we need to consider the danger they represent.  Large tree branches are beginning to fall, hopefully not on a family member or an unsuspecting lawn crew.  Keep your homeowner’s insurance up to date – dead trees have a propensity to land on homes when they fall.

If you need to replace any dead shrubbery, hurry, hurry and do it now.  A new planting will require much TLC in view of the impending summer temps – but it can be done if you put your mind to it! 

Consider moving roses or daylilies that aren’t blooming up to your standards.  They may not be getting enough sun.  Both require 6-8 hours of sun a day, and of course regular feedings.  If you have some of the darker daylily flowers you’ll notice that they will appreciate a bit of afternoon shade.  I can’t help but be amused when I see a plant description that says “Full Sun” – Where?  Cincinnati maybe?  Not on the Texas Gulf Coast, our sun is intense!  Most sun loving plants in our locale do better with a bit of relief from our sizzling afternoon sun.

It’s time to plant gladiolas if you’re so inclined.  Stagger your planting every week or so to extend bloom time.  Of course they need staking – another ‘needy’ plant in my opinion that I avoid   Spring bloomers are looking pretty shabby.  Those petunias, geraniums, nasturtiums, snapdragons, bluebonnets and other wildflowers are fading.  Don’t take it personally.  It’s our semi-tropical temperatures – not you.

That Southern Magnolia is looking pretty terrific this month.  The blossoms only last one day, but the aroma is unbelievable.  Think sweet ‘lemon.’ I recently preserved some magnolia stems by using a glycerin/water formulation.  Equal parts of each in a glass container will be taken up by various shrubbery cuttings to be used in dry arrangements. Only about an inch or two of the formulation is needed, just be sure that the stem tips stay submerged.  Glass container is recommended so that you can see to add more if needed.   I preserved magnolia, bay laurel, nandina and camellia stems for my arrangement.  Fleshy leaves such as magnolia will take about a month to become silvery and supple, tender leaves only require a week to ten days.  Glycerin will be found in the cosmetic department of your pharmacy. (I know, it wasn’t my first place to look!)

I know you are enjoying those succulent ripe tomatoes.  Those in the produce departments of our local grocery stores are jealous.  But I’ve heard a complaint or two from backyard gardeners re ‘split’ fruit.  Tomatoes will split because of water irregularities such as quick changes in watering.  This causes rapid growth and expansion of the fruit and often occurs when tomatoes receive heavy watering after a period of drought.  Consistent moisture is the answer.

There are still a few things to put in the veggie garden.  My research mentions corn, but I disagree.  Our gardening experience has always been to plant corn on the same day as we prune roses – February 14th.   We’re eating sweet corn before the corn worms have found them.  Later plantings are a magnet to these critters in my opinion, but make your own decision.  Peas can go in now…English and snap, and eggplant (transplants) if you hurry. And of course two southern favorites – sweet potatoes and okra.

Hopefully all El Lago residents have noticed the medallion placed above our sewers stating their eventual flow to Galveston Bay. A group of Girl Scouts placed them there in an attempt to make us all aware that runoff from our lawns, trash abandoned in the streets, yard waste, etc. pollutes the bay. Let’s make a serious attempt to clean the bay and keep it healthy.  Young ladies, we thank you for your concern, please accept our gratitude.

Lakeview Police Department Enhances Active Shooter Response Capabilities through Rotary Club of Seabrook’s Generous Donation

El Lago, TX – The Rotary Club of Seabrook has generously donated over $8000 to the Seabrook Police Department to procure active shooter supplies with planned requirements to utilize this equipment across the Lakeview Police Department serving El Lago and Taylor Lake Village. These supplies are essential to the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program. Thanks to this generous contribution, these departments are now equipped with this essential equipment, enhancing their capacity to respond effectively to potential active shooter scenarios.

Chief Rolf Nelson and Lieutenant Bryan Brand of the Seabrook Police Department demonstrated the efficacy of the newly acquired simulation guns to the Rotarians. These simulation guns are integral tools used to train officers in physical simulation training scenarios, which commonly take place in public facilities and schools.

The donation has been instrumental in enabling the Lakeview and Seabrook Police Departments to advance their training protocols and skills further. With these new supplies, the officers can respond efficiently and strategically in case of an active shooter incident. “This equipment allows us to continue increasing our ability to respond and protect our communities, schools, and our own officers in a Rapid Response event.” states Chief Carl Nunn of the Lakeview Police Department.

The department plans to spearhead a united front by partnering with area agencies responding to regional calls, thus building a unified team approach to training and command structures. This initiative intends to construct a standard response system using common training and equipment to maximize effectiveness.

This specialized equipment is anticipated to enhance the effectiveness of both Lakeview and Seabrook Department officers. The overarching aim is to equip officers to safely respond to such incidents and deal with threats uniformly and expertly.

2024 Pool Hours

2024 Pool Hours

Pool hours are as follows:

June 1 – August 11

Mondays: Pool Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00am – 8:00pm*

*(closed during swim team meets on June 1st & 22nd, pool opens immediately after)

Weekends of August 17, 24, and 31

11:00am – 8:00pm

Reminder: El Lago Pool Membership Card is required. Otherwise, entrance fee of $5 per person per day must be paid at the gate prior to entry. 

2024 Free Swim Days

2024 Free Swim Days

Mark your calendars! El Lago Pool Free Swim Days for the 2024 Season have been announced!

  • Memorial Day – May 27th
  • Father’s Day – June 16th
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Labor Day – September 2nd
Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito spraying usually takes place in El Lago on  Mondays or Thursdays April through October, but can take place more often or on other days when necessary. Spraying occurs when wind and weather predictions allow. Please remember to close windows and avoid contact with spray residue or drift.

For more information on Mosquito Spraying, please visit the El Lago Mosquito Control page.

Blackboard Connect Notification System

Blackboard Connect Notification System

The City of El Lago uses Blackboard Connect to send phone calls, texts, and emails about important city activities and emergency notifications.  To join Blackboard Connect simply click on the icon to the right and begin the process.  You can also contact City Hall at 281-326-1951 ext. 110 to register.  Participation is 100% free.

We know your personal information is important and we assure you we will not share it with anyone. The information you supply will be used strictly by the City of El Lago for emergency and civic contact purposes.

For additional Emergency Management information, please visit the City of El Lago’s website at and click on the home page tab “Your Government” and  Emergency Management under the Departments header.