City of El Lago

411 Tallowood Drive
El Lago, TX 77586

Phone: 281-326-1951


Police services for the City of El Lago are provided by the Lakeview Police Department, located at 98 Lakeshore Drive, El LagoTX 77586.

Emergency Number


Administrative Number


Dispatch Number


Homeowner Vacation Watch

As a courtesy to our citizens, the Lakeview Police Department will check unoccupied houses while the residents are out of town. This service is provided without cost. An Officer will check your house on a regular basis while you are away. Should we find anything amiss, we will notify the person you designate of our findings.

Vacation Watch Request

Overnight Parking Request

To request a waiver of the enforcement of the city’s parking ordinance. Submission of this notification does not guarantee that a citation will not be issued if circumstances exist that indicate overnight parking on the street is not warranted. Please submit an individual request for each vehicle.

Overnight Parking Request

Making “911 Emergency Calls” Work Effectively

Hopefully, no one will have to make a “911 emergency call,” but when you must use this system please be aware of the following facts: Calling “911” from your home phone, with either a hard landline or digital phone service, will virtually guarantee you reaching the Lakeview Police Dispatch. The average response time using this method is 3 minutes. However, using your cell phone to call “911,” inside El Lago, may or may not connect you to the Lakeview Police Dispatch, which could add minutes to the emergency response time. Therefore, when calling “911” from a cell phone in El Lago, immediately ask to be connected to the Lakeview Police Dispatch.

Use Direct Number

While “911” is easy to remember and every child/adult knows to call “911,” there is another choice for cell phone users when they are in El Lago. Add the direct number for Lakeview Police Dispatch to your cell phone memory; it is 281-326-5900. In an emergency, this may be the quickest way to receive aid, which could save a life.